Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root placed in your mouth via a surgical procedure. Dental implants consist of a titanium post, or cylinder that is permanently anchored into the upper or lower jaw bone.

The artificial root of a dental implant will fuse with the bone in your jaw creating a long lasting and durable option to replace missing teeth. Implants can be used to hold a replacement tooth or to support other dental work such as crowns or certain types of bridges and dentures. They come in various sizes, width and length to best fit in the existing bone a patient has.

Dental implants offer an array of patient benefits including:

Implants Provide a Natural Feel

One of the most remarkable aspects of dental implants is their resemblance to natural teeth. The process of osseo intergration creates a root, making an implant function as a natural tooth. After healing, there is no noticeable difference between an implant and other natural teeth.

Implants Can Prevent/Reduce Bone Loss

After the loss or extraction of a tooth, the surrounding bone in the jaw can begin to deteriorate.  As the bone is reabsorbed back into the body, a host of oral issues may be present. Dental implants perform the same functions like natural teeth and can keep the bone stimulated, so further bone loss doesn’t occur.

Surrounding Teeth are Protected

When you lose a tooth, other teeth can deviate and try to take over the space. This shift can lead to potential gum health issues as well as problems with the stability of teeth. Unlike traditional bridges, dental implants don’t require surrounding teeth to be shaved down.

Implants Require Low Maintenance

Maintaining a dental implant is the same as maintaining your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, you don’t need to remove your implant to keep it clean. And, because it’s a long-lasting option, you won’t have to think about replacements, like you would with a bridge or crown.

Implants Can Preserve Your Bite

When you lose teeth, it can cause a change in the overall structure throughout your entire mouth. This shift can lead to alignment issues and can result in a weakened bite and potentially distorted facial features. A dental implant can help reinforce your bone and prevent any changes to your bite.

Offers a More Permanent Fix

Dental implants are ranked as one of the longest lasting fixes for tooth loss. They are permanent and specifically designed to handle daily wear and tear and can last a lifetime. In fact, studies have shown that it has a 94-96% success rate over 30 years of use.

We are Affordable

With the growing popularity of dental implants, the overall cost continues to decrease. For example, a bridge can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 and needs periodic replacement. Alternatively, a dental implant entails a one-time cost of around $2,500 to $3,000.

Is the Dental Implant Procedure Right For Me?

The best way to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for dental implants is to schedule a complimentary consultation. After you’re evaluated by Dr. Klein, we can better determine whether dental implants are beneficial to your specific situation.

The patients who would benefit the most from dental implant placement are those who are missing a significant number of teeth or those who require tooth extraction. Implants are often recommended in situations where bridges are not strong or large enough to replace your missing teeth.

Single tooth replacement starting at $2,499. Includes dental implant, abutment and crown. All on 4 (all on four), Fix on 6 (fix on six), full arch replacement starting at $16,999. Includes all dental implants and the highest quality zirconia replacement teeeth.


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