Dr. Paresh Patel

Implant Dentist

Dr. Paresh Patel, a graduate of UNC-CH School of Dentistry, has been practicing since 1996. Dr. Patel comments that what he most enjoys in his practice is the ability to watch the emotional, physical and mental transformation that his patients experience with their new smile. ‘Whether it’s a set of 8-16 Lumineer Veneers or a set of extractions and a mini implant retained denture, its wonderful to share the excitement of a new smile with patients. It’s simply amazing how confident people become being able to smile again.’

Dr. Patel has a passion for keeping up with the changing technology and materials in dentistry. Dr. Patel comments, ‘Just a few years ago I would have never thought that I could extract a broken down set of teeth, place 4 to 8 mini implants and immediately place a mini implant retained denture for my patients. Now I think it would be a crime not to have this kind of care for our aging population.’

‘I am also amazed with the porcelain that we have these days. The no shot, no pain, no grind, permanent way to improve your smile with Lumineer Veneers continues to dazzle and impress patients. The need to take away tremendous amounts of precious tooth structure to achieve optimal esthetics in most cases is not necessary. I can’t imagine there are any patients out there who would want any dentist to grind away valuable enamel and commit that patient to a lifetime of servicing a traditional veneer or crown.’

Dr. Patel maintains membership in most every major dental organization including the American Dental AssociationThe North Carolina Dental SocietyThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as local dental organizations.


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