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By drpatel
November 24, 2010
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Mini Dental Implants for Missing Lateral Teeth

One of the most prevalent dental conditions is missing upper laterals (about 10% of the population is missing these teeth from birth).

missing lateral teeth

occlusal view missing lateral teeth


Some of the time, even with orthodontics, there is not enough space to restore the missing teeth with traditional implants (implants with a diameter greater than 3.0 mm).

Most of the patients I have seen either have some sort of removable appliance or a orthodontic retainer with the two missing teeth on it. The issue is that these teens don't really care to wear their retainer.

Another solution, the bonded bridge, seems to fail. While the bonded bridge works well on missing lowers, the clinical data shows that bonded bridges to replace missing upper laterals fail quite often because the central and canine tooth both move to different degrees under chewing function.

One solution that works well in my hands is to use mini dental implants. Any high quality mini dental implant such as OCO Biomedical mini,Intra Lock MDL, IMTEC MDI, or HiOssen can be threaded in between the canine and central. This mini dental implant can then hold a porcelain crown in place that the patient does not remove.

mini dental implants to replace missing teeth with crowns

This photograph shows a mini dental implant to replace missing laterals.

x ray with mini dental implant in place

Final x-ray of the mini dental implant in place to have the crown cemented over it just like a regular tooth.


Paresh B Patel DDS

Mini Dental Implants